Farmer's Digital Profiles & Credit Rating for Loans and Financial Inclusion

The Farmer Company

Farmers are the backbone of Agriculture. Agriculture sector feeds the billions and builds our nation, contributes to nearly 20% of GDP, employs more than 50% of our population and yet it is unorganized at the farmer level.

We, 'The Farmer Company' focus on bottom of the pyramid and consolidate, organize and optimize farmer data and make farming farmer friendly.

What we do?

We enable community-based organisations to function efficiently on our technology solutions. An efficient CBO in turn benefit the farmer, financial institutions, input manufacturers and all other stakeholders in the ecosystem. We offer solutions that makes the system efficient right from the of agriculture process up to market linkages.

Our solutions directly help farmers reduce their cost of - inputs, loans & transactions by aggregating all the services under one roof. We believe - 'Cost Reduction is the best way to increase profitability' !


TFC digitises data related to - Farmer, Land, Crop, Weather, Water Source, Loans and Liabilities and other Assets. This data is represented by a score to help external agencies to deal with the Farmer directly.

Finance Catalysts

TFC, in collaboration with Financial institutions offers innovative financial products to the Farmer base. The Farmer Company caters to the untapped and unreached rural villages through its Last Mile Connect program. We provide faster, reliable access to most of the financial services to the rural societies, especially farmers.

Input Facilitation

It works with agricultural organizations to collect digital requirement of the farmer and accordingly procure the same to save farmer’s costs and increase in farmer’s income. It also provides branded input materials to Community Based Organisations through collaborating with the input manufacturers.

Market Linkage

With it's rural to urban connects and partners across, The Farmer Company helps the farmers to connect to the market for knowledge, sales and other farming assistance. We also enable direct procurement from the farmers to the CBO's.

Please feel free to reach out to us for collaborations, partnerships, queries or just to say hi!